Posted On: November 24, 2013 by Mary Frances Prevost


If you have been falsely arrested or abused by Santa Monica Diego Police Officer Koby Arnold, please call Attorney Mary Prevost at (888) 384-1384.

Koby Arnold, pictured HERE, is the rogue officer who falsely arrested Sennett Devermont, also known as MrCheckPoint, for "Drunk Driving" even though he had not had a single drink. Koby Arnold then falsified his police reports to suggest Sennett was driving impaired by drugs. Again, not at all. Blood test? Clean for alcohol and clean for controlled substances. Oops. I mean, Koby Arnold KNEW Sennett Devermont wasn't drunk, but hauled him into court solely because he stood on his right not to talk to the cop, or do his field coordination tests. Arnold got animal control to come and take Sennett's terrified dogs to the pound, and threatened to have them adopted. What a gem.

And so Koby Arnold engaged in an attitude arrest, and he thought he could get away with it.

Now, had we been back in the 90's, Koby Arnold could walk free from the allegations Sennett has levied against him - specifically false arrest and excessive force. But, we are in the era of technology. Sennett recorded the transaction, and we have caught Officer Arnold admitting that he would falsely arrested Sennett because he had "nothing" when Sennett exercised his right not to talk to the bad copper. Want to hear the audio? Click on HERE.

And it's not the first time that Koby Arnold has gone rogue on the Santa Monica Police Department. Oh no. Click HERE for the LA article on the $99,000 settlement City of Santa Monica had to pay out to another man Arnold jumped from behind and beat up.

And, yet, the City Attorney of Santa Monica is again protecting the rogue cop.